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A lot happens here at Crazy Wicked Awesome, blogs, reviews, infographics  and those are things I do but… I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing with my life. Not a single clue However, many people think that I some how magically have my life together because I snagged the most amazing domain name ever, so I’ll give it my best shot. As one final disclaimer to demonstrate just how little I know I created this handy dandy infographic to help break it down. Things I pretend to do is a whole other story.As you can clearly see, I don’t know much. I write blogs. I make pretty things. But I really don’t have any idea what I’m doing. Or maybe I do, and it just feels like I don’t who knows? Everyone says they enjoy what I do, but to me it’s just randomly mashing keys and clicking buttons until words and pretty graphics miraculously rise from the mess.  Perhaps I’m good at what I do. Perhaps not. Perhaps I do know what I’m doing.

Perhaps this is a clever satirical look at the lack of direction my generation and I’m just going on and on for fun and profit.

But let’s be real here; why would I do something as satirize current issues for comedic effect on the internet? Afterall, I am the same guy that brought you the Able-bodied Etiquette guide  and the horror that is my Steam Backlog.

I’m a millennial and I know exactly what I’m doing with my life” – said no millennial ever

We as a generation are lost, perhaps because we have so few realistic role models. Most of our parents are Baby Boomers, and well, the world was a different place when they were growing up. We as a society have never been more interconnected.  The internet means almost anyone can learn about anything or anyone. Going to school to get a degree no longer guarantees the nice job it used to. Instead it now almost always guarantees a ton of student debt.

Does anyone really know what they’re doing anymore?  This should be the question. We already have an answer; “42″ such a whimsical, nonsense answer fits.

Acupuncture and you

Acupuncture; is it Right for You?

Acupuncture is an ancient, alternative Chinese medicine that is rapidly growing in popularity among Western countries.  Theoretically, acupuncture works by correcting imbalances in the body’s flow of Chi.

Derived from Latin acus’ (translating to needle) + ‘punctura’ (meaning to puncture) acupuncture involves puncturing the skin throughout the body on special areas called “acupuncture points”. Releasing Chi from acupuncture points allegedly relieves everything from headaches and cancer to chronic pain and Alzheimer’s, however scientific studies have struggled to find health benefits beyond the Placebo Effect. Whether you believe in the effectiveness of acupuncture or not, you need to ask yourself “Is acupuncture right for me?”

You will want to consider the following  criteria before you start an acupuncture regime.

First and foremost, consult with your medical doctor before beginning any sort of alternative medicine treatment to make sure that it won’t have an adverse interaction with any other treatments your doctor or specialist has recommended.

Acupuncture is relatively harmless when practiced by a well-trained acupuncturist with sterile, single-use needles and clean technique. Unfortunately, it is still the art of pushing needles through your skin mild to moderate discomfort is unavoidable.

One of the biggest risks with acupuncture is bacterial infection, so make sure the acupuncturist you chose uses new, single-use needles in a sterile and clean environment to help negate this risk.

Any health benefits that you may experience from an acupuncture treatment will be short term benefits. This means that you can’t expect one session to cure your ailments forever.  Remember that it’s a treatment, not a cure.

Science has shown that acupuncture’s biggest benefit comes  from the Placebo Effect. Essentially, the Placebo Effect  occurs when you experience health benefits solely because you believe that whatever you’re doing is healing you. What does this have to do with deciding to go through with acupuncture? If you don’t believe that acupuncture will help, it’s not going to help.

If all of that has put you off acupuncture, but you’re still interested in traditional Chinese medicine, you can check out acupressure! Acupressure is very similar to acupuncture but like the name implies pressure is applied to points on the body,  no needles required, making acupressure a noninvasive procedure that is also free from the risk of bacterial infection.

Acupuncture isn’t for everyone, despite its recent rise to popularity. If you don’t enjoy needles penetrating dozens of points on your body, and don’t already believe it will help, this traditional medicine isn’t for you and alternatives, such as acupressure, may be more appropriate. 

Acupuncture and you
The benefits of Acupuncture

Fear Mongering isn’t Helping

Time for a little perspective here. Recently people have thrown around the words “terrorism” and “terrorist” rather liberally. This is inappropriate fear mongering. Be thankful that so few people died or suffered injuries  as a result of recent incidents, be thankful that we live in a country, where this sort of event is shocking and horrible and unexpected. Don’t blow it up out of proportion. Push back against legislation that strips us of our civil liberties under the guise of “stopping terrorism”. Do people really think that if we have enough laws against something that it will just end?

I am not trying to defend people like this, but jumping straight into “terrorist kills soldier, attacks Parliament” isn’t doing anything but spreading fear and uncertainty.

Law enforcement says they are unclear of his motives, can’t find anything that demonstrates he had help from another party. Yes, he was radically religious, yes, he had a history of drug addiction, and even a criminal past, but I’d like to stress again backed by a quote from the New York Times “Investigators have said they do not know whether he acted spontaneously or deliberately, or why.”

His own parents seem to have no idea why he  was driven to do such a thing.  Below is a statement they have written in response to inquiries from the Associated Press:

Hi, I am writing this note on behalf of my husband and myself. No words can express the sadness we are feeling at this time. We are so sad that a man lost his life. He has lost everything and he leaves behind a family that must feel nothing but pain and sorrow. We send our deepest condolences to them although words seem pretty useless. We are both crying for them. We also wish to apologize for all the pain, fright and chaos he created. We have no explanation to offer. I am mad at our son, I don’t understand and part of me wants to hate him at this time. You write that our son was vulnerable, we don’t know, we (he) was lost and did not fit in. I his mother spoke with him last week over lunch, I had not seen him for over five years before that. So I have very little insight to offer. We don’t wish to be part of any media circus, we don’t think it will add anything to the conversation. Please respect our privacy although many may not feel we deserve any … Once again we are so sorry. -Susan Bibeau and Bulgasem Zehaf

Does that sound like the voice of someone proud of their child’s actions? Does it sound like someone who deserves  threats, attacks, and harassment because of their religion?

As for the events in Montreal, Harper was quick to condemn the event as a result of a call to arms from radical Islamic groups, even though that has not yet been proven. So why give groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda the opportunity to take credit for it by branding it “terrorism”?

Fear mongering isn’t helping anyone, so knock it off. Quit threatening people who are different, be it in faith or ethnicity or what ever other criteria. Quit calling for increased laws at the cost of civil liberties. Don’t fall for click-bait headlines. Do your research. Yes, it was a tragedy, but the loss of our civil liberties is an even greater one.

The Physical World

Death From Above 1979: The Physical World

One of the greatest Canadian acts of all time, Death From Above 1979 has finally released their second album The Physical World it is a glorious, notorious, noisy and much welcomed return to the music world. I recently got my hands on the ultimate bundle edition of their new album and it lives up to the decade of hype! Bear with me while I review The Physical World!

Super Ultra Mega Crazy Collectors’ Edition*

Swag included Crazy Wicked Awesome
Everything in the Ultimate Bundle

* AKA The Ultimate Bundle

The Ultimate Bundle of The Physical World retails for almost $90 but is almost completely worth it. In addition to the epic new album you get: A set of 12 vinyl stickers, each a track from the album, A DFA1979 T-shirt, Physical World patch, Elephant Head Pin and Belt Buckle. To top it all off, it includes a Physical World Poster signed by the band! The one downside to this bundle was the way the packaging was handled, my stickers ended up sticked to the print on the shirt which caused some major wrinkling, and my CD wasn’t included with the rest of the swag. Fortunately the fine folks at Kill the 8 were nice enough to replace my sticker sheet and send my cd free of charge after I tracked down their customer service.

The Physical World

The album itself is unassuming, a plain red disc with the band’s name, and album title. I was pleasantly surprised when I stuck it in the player and the loud, proud noisy sound that put Death From Above on the radar with 2004′s You’re a woman, I’m a Machine started up. The Physical World is eleven tracks, with a running time of just over a half hour. In a slight departure from their past work, tracks like  Gemini and White is Red give the album an interesting pop twist.  Death From Above 1979 claimed that their new album would be different from what they’ve done in the past, and it is, but in a good way. Kind of like how cupcakes are different from cake, but not really. One important thing to note was that the digital album I received for The Physical World  was mp3 at 256kbps so if you’re an audiophile, you’ll want to rip your own copy.

The Final Verdict

If you’re a long time lover of the dynamic duo, or new to their sounds, The Physical World is worth every cent you choose to spend on it. You can pick it up, along with all kinds of other DFA1979 Swag from Kill The 8 Here, stream it from Google Play Here, and pick it up from iTunes Here.

Steam Backlog Title

I am Terrified of My Steam Backlog

I have a confession that I need to make, I am terrified of my Steam Backlog.

There, I said it. I mean it too. I have just over 300 different titles in my Steam Library, I need almost two terabytes of space to install all of them. I’ve logged a ridiculous number of hours (that I won’t mention here) and yet I’ve only managed to play a third of them.  If that.

I’ve spent $1263.95 on Steam, not including various bundle deals, like the Humble Bundles.  That means I’ve spent more than $800 on things I’ve never even used.

Maybe I do have a problem.

That’s a lot of money down the drain. Mind you that’s over the past five years, and it was never more than $30 at a time, $4.99 here, $9.99 there. I always managed to justify it to myself, “Ooooh 75% off! I HAVE TO buy that.” or “part of my purchase is going to a good cause.” or even “I’m supporting game devs, artists, and musicians. They can eat now that I’ve given them money.”


Have I really supported those people if I never play their games?
All these titles sit there, gathering virtual dust, taking up two hard drives. That’s like commissioning Ushio Shinohara to create a painting and never ever looking at it. But that’s not why I’m scared of my Steam Backlog. I’m terrified because…

I might die before I get through my Steam Backlog.

Seriously. If we assume that each game takes an average of 15 hours to complete the story, and that I have approximately 200 games to complete, (probably way more, Steam says I’ve only completed 19% of a game on average) that’s 3000 hours of playtime before I’m done. That’s not counting getting every single achievement, side quest et cetera. Just the primary content.

If you’re having trouble wrapping your head around just how terrifying my backlog is, this handy infographic should help break it down.

Steam Backlog Infographic
My Steam Backlog.

I really have a problem.

I have no idea what I’m going to do. What can I do? It’s not like I can just cloister myself away and play video games. I can’t stop buying games either, There are too many new and pretty titles to  buy and play.  Soon. Eventually. Probably one day. Maybe?

I’ll get around to solving it one day, right now it’s time to relax and play some video games…

Sweigh's UI

Sweighing in on the Sweigh App

Sweigh, the clever portmanteau of sway and weigh, is the title of a recently launched iPhone app that serves as an interesting new social media platform. Giving weight to what matters to you, Sweigh falls somewhere between reddit and a game of would you ever. Users can post a variety of content, under  many categories from Technology to Food & Drink,  asking questions which other Sweigh users can answer and vote on.

Created by Chris Monteleone and Jamie Proctor, Sweigh is still very much in its infancy, but fills its niche very well. Providing near instantaneous feedback on content, Sweigh feels incredibly engaging especially when compared to networks like Facebook and Twitter, where it often seems like shouting into the void. Millions of status updates, messages, tweets and images are shared by people every day, but only a fraction of these posts get responses. Sweigh tries successfully to avoid that problem.  Bite-sized bits of content are perfect for today’s uber-connected social media users while still being engaging and thought-provoking.

A unique platform combined with a clutter free and eye-catching user interface, it’s certainly an attractive and appealing alternative to other social networks. One interesting feature is the ability to either post anonymous content or to share with friends.  This is a refreshing change from the pervasive data mining so common on the rest of the web.

Sweigh, like almost everything else on the internet is not without its quirks. For now it’s only available on iPhone and iOS 7 leaving Android and Windows Phone users out of the loop. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however as someone who primarily uses Android devices, I can’t help but feel a little jaded.

Final Verdict

As far as social media goes, there’s a ton of competition, Sweigh manages to stand out exceptionally well, it’s clever, easy to use and entertaining. Assuming they launch Android and web versions I suspect Sweigh will soon be a household name.

If you want to start sweighing in on what matters to you, you can grab it from The App Store here.

Real Men Don’t Scream at the Fire Hydrants

Real men are the epitome of the human race

Real men don’t get intoxicated
Especially not on light beer
Real men get Drunk

 Real men don’t sing karaoke
They invented it

Real men don’t stop drinking at last call
They find another, manlier bar that’s still open

Real men don’t stumble drunkenly
They walk with purpose, even if that purpose makes them a little disoriented right now

Real men don’t scream at the fire hydrants
Because that’s how they got arrested for public disturbances.

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